Middleware and responders are called with a request object. This is not an IncomingMessage, but an object created by Helo. Each stack has its own subclass.

Use isRequest() to see if a particular object is a request originating from Helo.


  • incomingMessage: the incoming message, from Node itself.
  • method: the request method, e.g. GET.
  • headers: the request headers.
  • host: specifically the host header.
  • path: the path section of the request target.
  • pathname: the section of the path before the query.
  • querystring: the query section of the path, as a string.
  • stream: except for GET, DELETE and HEAD requests, the incoming message, otherwise null.
  • query: an object, representing the result of parsing the querystring. Only contains string values. If parameters are repeated the last value is used.